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Hi All,

My name is Fahad Mahmood and I am from Lahore, Pakistan. Mostly I work on my own products and ideas but sometimes to energize myself I offer my services as WordPress Mechanic exclusively on Fiverr. I created my Fiverr profile in 2014, while working with a hundreds of people on 12th November I first time heard from Brittany with the following message:
“It looks like you have wonderful reviews and that you are very skilled at what you do = exactly what we are looking for!”

She explained the points in bullets and asked me the price, I replied as usual with 1 gig for fix line etc. She elaborated a few more things and on 24th November 2014 and I worked for her. It was $25 order. I love to mention here that I couldn’t even check her posts properly so couldn’t notice the adventures as well. Just like a routine task, a normal task appeared and delivered as others. Upon delivery, I got a generous feedback from Brittany.
“Perfect. I can’t thank you enough for being so quick at these fixes – I KNOW that you will be successful and have a loyal group of very happy customers.. including me :)”

It was encouraging for me. Brittany messaged me again for a few tasks in March 2015 and later in December 2016. I was not expecting that what was coming up next to me. A normal website even a bigger one was never a problem for me to design and develop but a busy blog more like a responsibility. After a few urgent tweaks she asked me about the price for a complete website and mentioned that a theme has been selected or maybe purchased already so I have to simply implement. An important task to ensure zero downtime from staging to live transition.

Most of my clients don’t know about my routine and the secret behind my service and support. I am sharing it with Brittany and Drew for the first time. In fact I like to work in combination of real life and fantasy; undoubtedly was a perfect combination. It’s exciting for me to be in touch with the awesome people from around the world, sharing knowledge and experiences. My FREE WordPress plugins including premium level support is just a little contribution in this open source community. I feel good when I take care of my clients work same as I do for mine. Even I update their codes without knowing them mostly, like if I fix some bugs in the same theme of plugin somewhere other website so fix for you too if you are in my clients list. Many people will not agree with me because every time a website goes down due to Core updates or Plugins compatibility so developers make money on fixes; I acknowledge and don’t discourage them, but I don’t want to be panic from these anonymous surprises for myself. So the same way I like for my clients. I don’t let them worry for these kind of stuff as much as I can. Anyways, it was something how I work. I try to spend time in analysis that if my idea is like a hot air balloon that which type of investment it requires and how soon can I make it fly. Here I will add something for the service providers “try to understand the clients’ business and improve aesthetics as much as you can”. You should not only finish a task and get money in return, try to care for their business; gradually you will learn and start caring about yours too. Else it will become your routine job to give an estimate, detailed discussions, development, deployment and that’s all. I hope this all will not be boring you.
Finally, another order started with Brittany and Drew on 20th January 2017. As I was busy and my gig was on vacation mode too so I couldn’t start immediately but started backup of their content. I just got surprised that the images were in gigabytes and database was not small too. OMG! It was not that easy to make sure that everything had successfully backed up or something missed. I still remember that my computer was ON all the time that week and filezilla was downloading every single file in days and nights but still things were not completed. Yes, I tried to zip everything prior but server excused even for database. I never recommend Godaddy for hosting stuff but one thing is good about them, their database servers are separate and we can connect through a third party as well. It helped me to backup the database but still it was not feasible to upload from localhost. The reason was, regular blog posting on the website and size of the database. When I informed Brittany and Drew about these hurdles so they agreed on stop writing for at least 1 week and at most for two weeks. After a massive backup task I was finally ready for the development. In fact, development work was partially completed once before but due to theme options, it was required to make changes again once you go live with original database. So everything was just wasted because I had to import the latest database again. The day came when first week was started. It was a reasonable pressure on me because I don’t rely on hosting based backups and always try to be careful while handling the live website. I continued and immediately cloned the website to staging server. Brittany and Drew didn’t add any content in that time but visitors kept commenting on posts and obviously B + D were replying. Normally a big website don’t take more than 3 days but just this one took almost 2 weeks dedicatedly. The reason was “care”. I won’t say that I alone was working on it, in fact Brittany and Drew were with me too. They are amazing, they reviewed the things closely, kept me updated, sent me video feedbacks, screenshots, even shared their camera to show me mobile responsive issues. It was not their job obviously, I love the way they were synchronized. Things were being refined day by day and finally I switched the databases after updating the comments table from LIVE database. ZERO downtime and one click transition practiced, it is not a fun when you work on a busy website, and no mistakes can be accepted. A website which is being loved by thousands of people, a blog which is being managed by a loving couple, deserves this level of care. I would add something here for service providers again that once a project or task has been started then don’t talk or think about money involved. Yes, be strict to the requirements you were agreed on but focus on the project then. Don’t worry that how much time is it taking then, sometimes it happens that we estimate something different but later it costs us more. Good clients already consider the effort you put in work, they compensate later happily or you would at least get good feedback. But we should keep in mind that being a troubleshooter, a software engineer or problem solver, we are committed to our work instead of just being worried about charges. Per hour rate is a good solution for unclear or ambiguous requirements. After all, the website was LIVE.

One day, I got a chance to talk with our superheroes Brittany and Drew. Brittany was explaining me that both of them like the twitter blue color in the website for font hover and sometimes in buttons background. It was being difficult to explain for her because exact color code was not provided initially and I could misunderstand maybe. Suddenly I noticed that Drew was wearing the same color shirt and I asked that are you asking for the same color which Drew is wearing at the moment? Both of them laughed, Drew was standing serious before; lovely memories we made together.
I don’t know that what to say about it but I didn’t read even a single post while I was working on their website. One day I told Brittany that I am being a fan though but I will not start reading your stories till I am working on it. And you know what, while browsing almost every category and navigation, menus and widgets etc. I realized that there is nothing about sadness, worries, hardships or problems in their blog. I just got surprised and one day I asked Brittany that where is Drew? She told me he is away for some work, it was a surprising moment for me because as a reader when we are watching and imagining these two lovebirds so we think that they will be in a van or hiking together somewhere, in some fun always but the reality is contrast. They are sharing cheers with us but not worries; they capture jumps, smiles, fun, adventures, wacky clicks, and filter their content so no tears or sadness can come to us. Indeed they get tired, need rest, get sick, care each other, get worried, can’t sleep and do all the stuff as normal people but how responsibly they are putting such positivity for us. We visit, read, like, watch and comment but they manage parallel contrast worlds. I would say that they are helping a lot of people to imagine more accurately, being inspiration to move forward in their lives, spreading positivity and helping in believing the dreams too. While I was about to complete the website so I came across to a page which was using a contact form 7. Normally developers leave this form as it is or expect that theme developer should stylize it accordingly. But mostly we see contact form 7 in pitiable conditions because it’s the last thing which we implement and never bother to spend some time on it. That’s why I was working on an idea to automate this task. You will notice that I implemented a style “Barcode” for Mr. and Mrs. Adventure website. These are ready made styles which can easily be matched with any theme or template color scheme. I chose barcode style and it exactly worked as showed in this screenshot.

I have a few FREE WordPress plugins among those a few of those can be really useful for you.

For Alphabetic Pagination plugin, I chose the names of English poets to tribute them because this plugin is about English letters basically but later I added a couple of legends like a Philanthropist from my country “Abdus Sattar Edhi”.

And recently I added a new pagination style with a van on alphabet selection. It is named after our favorite blog

Yes, I got permission from the celebrities before using their t-shirt design here in screenshot.

Another plugin I will mention here especially for those webmasters who installs Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Gravity Forms and RSS Feed Widget plugin. “Chameleon”, it’s a kind of revolution in WordPress plugins section. It helps you to convert your default boring plugin layout into a sophisticated, neat and managed one including warnings, errors and other notifications.

Download Link:

It is lightweight because it only calls the specific file or snippet for the selected style and relevant plugin.